Konferenca Bike Alpe Adria Dobrovo, Goriška brda, petek, 27. marec 2015


9.30 The start of the Bike Alpe Adria conference, Goriška brda Wine Cellar conference room, Dobrovo. Mayors, BiMobis project partners and representative of the Managing Authority / Joint Technical Secretariat Cross-border Cooperation Programme Slovenia – Italy speechesConference facilitator: Andrej Dekleva
10.00 Presentation of the Bimobis project – bike mobility between Italy and Slovenia Miro Kristan, Project Manager, Soča Valley Development Centre, Slovenia
10.05 Presentation of the iCon project Vesna Kozar, Project Manager, Soča Valley Development Centre, Slovenia
10.10 Bike Alpe Adria as a biking destination and association Peter Dakskobler & Jan Klavora, Organizers and owners of Soča Outdoor Festival, Slovenia
10.20 What mountain biking really is? Peter Zajc, Mountain biker and geographer, RRA Koroška, Slovenia
10.30 The role of biking in the reginal economic development: a case study of Scotland Dr Steve Taylor, Project Manager, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland
10.50 How to develop a mountain biking destination? Darco Cazin, Owner, Allegra Tourismus GmbH, Switzerland
11.10 I became the mayor because I had vision Pavel Hornik, Mayor, Černá Voda, Czech Republic
11.30 Coffee break
11.50 How to become a bicycle-friendly hotel? Fabio Giacomelli, Lungolivigno, Italy
12.10 How to turn a farm into a cycling centre? Dušan Štrucl- Dixi, Owner, MountainBike Nomad, Slovenia
12.30 Destination branding: Questions and statements that need to be coordinated among stakeholders Maja Konečnik Ruzzier, Associate Professor of Marketing, Faculty of Economics, Universty of Ljubljana, Slovenia
12.50 Destination branding: A destination attractive for mountain biking Andrej Žigon, Owned, Alliance ASE – Alliance Institution, Slovenia
13.10 Promotion of cycling destinations through mountain biking competitive teams and athletes Tine Mahkovec, Product and sales manager for bicycle tools at Unior and director of Unior Tools Team Slovenia
13.30 Why are events important for the destination? Iztok Kvas, CEO at action sports agency SPANK
14.00 Press conference
15.00 Organized bike trip of a part of BiMobis route, the meeting point is in front of Goriška Brda Wine Cellar Anyone interested is welcome
15.30 Workshop 1: How to become a successful cycling destination Facilitator: Andrej Dekleva
Collaborators: Steve Taylor, Darco Cazin, Pavel Hornik
15.30 Workshop 2: How to become a successful cycling provider? Facilitator: Peter Dakskobler
Collaborators: Fabio Giacomelli, Dušan Štrucl- Dixi
15.30 Workshop 3: How to attract cycling guests? Facilitator: Andrej Žigon
Collaborators: Maja Konečnik Ruzzier, Tine Mahkovec, Iztok Kvas